What to See in Riga in One Weekend

Riga is truly one of the largest metropolitan areas on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Visitors coming from the east and the west alike can get great impressions, entertainment and recreation here. Even if you can only come here over the weekend, you will be able to enjoy the city. Here are our ideas on what to see in Riga if you don’t have much time:

1. The Old Town

The Old Town is a touristic and stunning part of the city and is also great to explore on foot. It’s a good place to start exploring as it is full of history, souvenir shops, and restaurants. You can get daily free tours, which will explain the city’s history and show you highlights of the city, which include the churches, guild buildings, city walls, and museums.

2. Nightlife in Riga

When lights go up in the bridges, squares and parks, and the Old Town’s pulse increases, nightlife extends across Riga at night, which is a recreational city of Europe. Riga has an unmatched environment that entices the city’s visitors to return for more.

Latvia’s capital, Riga isn’t a small city! It is only that everything is in proximity. You can forget about long drives (and costly taxis), and cover short distances on foot in one night and attend a number of the Old Town’s hot party venues.

Escape Rooms are gaining popularity across the globe. It’s an exciting and fun way to hang out with colleagues, family or friends. Escape Room is a reality game filled with surprises, adventures and emotions. Escape room Exitoria in Riga brings together the excitements of mechanical puzzles and a creepy house.

3. The Black Cat of Riga

The Black Cat is one of the most frequently seen symbols in Riga. The symbol tells a story of a rich tradesman who was denied access to the Big Guild. Out of anger, he erected statues of two black cats on the rooftop of his house. The cats were strategically placed in angry positions, with raised tails and arched backs, and their tails faced the Big Guild. Nowadays, the black cats are among the city’s famous symbols.

4. The Corner House

The Corner House is located on the corner of Stavu and Brivibas streets; the KGB command center during the times Latvia was under Occupation. Many Latvians were murdered, imprisoned and tortured here during the years of Occupation. A lot more were sent to work camps after being interrogated in the buildings.

5. St. Peter’s Church

It’s the oldest church in Riga and is also the most famous amongst visitors, since the tower provides a stunning panoramic view of the city. There’s an entry fee; however, once you pay you are welcome to go to the lookout and stay as long as you want.

6. Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is one of the city’s unique landmarks. It’s one of Europe’s largest markets that is housed in parts of Old Zeppelin hangars, making it easily recognizable. With sellers both inside and outside, the Riga Central Market has lots of things to offer, which range from souvenirs, freshly baked foods, produce and meat, and traditional clothing. It is an awesome place to explore in the mornings and get fruits and homemade baked products for breakfast.


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