Tips For Shooting Amazing Travel Videos

Travelling to a new place is always an awesome experience. Whether it is a holiday in a plush destination or just a spontaneous trip off the beaten track, escaping the daily grind and seeing new places energizes the spirit. And to immortalize these memories, you can create your own travel videos.

You might think that producing great travel videos is difficult but actually it’s not. You don’t even need professional video shooting and editing skills. Anyone can do it. To guide you in creating amazing travel video, here are some helpful tips straight from experts of video production in Dubai.

1. Start with a packing list.

To get the shots you want, you have to bring the right camera. Decide which camera to bring, whether you will use the camera in your mobile phone, digital camera or GoPro. Make sure you bring its accessories and equipment, especially batteries, chargers and extra memory cards. If you want to record quality audio, you might want to consider external microphone.

2. Know your destination

Unless it’s a spontaneous travel, it’s best to research your destination. From here you can draw up an itinerary.  Know the attractions and activities the place offers and what others love about it. Look up photos of the destination to help you plan the shots.

3. Make a list of planned shots

You’ll be able to create better travel videos if you are guided by a shots-list. Although some random shots look good, editing would be easier if you already have a list of shots. This would also help avoid missing important scenes and shots that you’ll need for the final output.

4. Add narration in your video

Great travel videos tell a story. You can incorporate narration to your video either during or after the shoot. If you want the narration to be included in the video, you can shoot selfie videos while you talk. If you want to add it later, you can write down a script, record and incorporate in the video during edit.

5. Consider including interviews

Bringing people into your travel video can make it more interesting. You can interview fellow tourists, tour guides, locals, or your company. Interviews add variety to your shoot and are great fillers. You can even use the audio recording as background narration for your videos. Just make sure you ask permission from your interviewees before you start recording.

6. Choose appropriate background music

Good background music captures the spirit of travel, so make sure you pick appropriate background music for your travel video. If you plan to share your travel video through social media sites, it is best to look for royalty-free music to avoid your video from being flagged for copyright issues.

7. Don’t forget transitional shots

These are footages that you can place in between two different locations, shoots or sequences. Usually, these shots focus on mundane subjects such as road signs, the sky, maps, drive-bys, etc. These transition shots will definitely make your travel video look professional.


Lastly, these tips all boil down to the editing table. Collate the footages and weave them together to create a cohesive story. The editing part is where you can polish all the flaws you may have done during the shoot. Don’t worry if you’ve been making snafus while taking videos, you can do some edits later. Be creative with your own travel video!


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