Dressing for Travel: What to Wear and What To Avoid

If you want to enjoy your trip, choosing the right clothing is absolutely mandatory. The lack of a proper outfit can ruin the impression from the most amazing traveling experience while causing you to face unexpected expenses.   

Before you go on a trip, you probably need to do some shopping. It’s likely that you don’t wear some of the perfect traveling clothes on a daily basis. Don’t be hesitant about investing in traveling attire. You’ll thank yourself many times afterward.  

What To Wear

Let’s start with the “dos”:

1. Dress In Layers

You never know which temperature you’ll encounter on the plane, in the train or even a cruise liner. Even if it’s winter outside, don’t wear your favorite fur coat. Invest in a comfortable yet light jacket and wear another light and warm jacket under it. For example, Varsity Base comfortable jackets may be a good idea for long-distance travelers.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

If you are planning to impress fellow travelers with the newest fashionable dress, you may ruin your traveling experience. When it comes to flying, riding or driving, the clothing must be comfortable. Rushing through the airport, catching a taxi, and trying to sleep in a crampy bus is much easier when you are wearing sweats than when you have a suit on.

3. Choose The Right Shoes

You may be leaving snowy Chicago to visit sunny Cancun, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear sandals. The temperatures on the plane are often quite low. Your feet may freeze. Opt for comfortable, closed-toe shoes, which are easy to take off for security checks. Meaning, you should avoid shoelaces.

4. Consider Simple Clothing

Expensive clothing is the wrong choice for cramped spaces filled with people. You may love that Gucci dress, but will it stay safe and clean in the small airplane bathroom or in a ticket line? Opt for cheaper clothing when traveling and keep your expensive attire for the time you arrive at the destination.  


What Not To Wear

And here are the “don’ts”

1. Forget The Belt

Belts look great, but they become a nuisance as soon as you enter the airport. How many times do you need to take the belt off and put it back on while passing the security checks? It can drive anyone crazy. Be smart. Leave the belt in the luggage and wear sweats.

2. Leave Jewelry in The Bag

Sparkling expensive jewelry is not just a magnet for robbers, it’s highly annoying to remove and then put back again at security points. If you remember, you have to put all the metal stuff on the trays. What are the chances of your jewels getting lost or ending up in someone else’s bag? Quite high.

3. Avoid Provocative Attire

When you travel, you are usually in a hurry to make it to your transport. Revealing clothing attracts too much attention, not just from the opposite sex but from the security personnel as well. Look as simple as possible while traveling and you are unlikely to face many questions.  

4. Shorts

Yes, shorts are awesome, but they are a no-no in some countries. If you aren’t sure how your destination country treats shorts, avoid wearing them during your travels. Meanwhile, your legs may freeze when the air conditioning system on the plane works in full force.


Final Thoughts

Traveling attire should be comfortable, not expensive, and layered. If you follow the above rules, you’ll feel great during your travels.


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