Best Things to Do in Canada

Canada. The Great White North. The land of Maple syrup. No matter what you call the 2nd largest country in the world, it’s wrapped in a layer of mystery. Every year, over 30 million tourists visit Canada for the experience of a lifetime. 

Of course, this experience is packed with activities, and there’s a lot of them. It’s literally impossible to list all the things you can do in Canada in one post. It’ll be longer than a dictionary! 

But we’re not going to let you hang as well. After careful consideration, we’ve gathered the top 7 things you can do in Canada.

Aurora Borealis a.k.a. The Northern Lights in Yukon

Ever seen the sky dance? In Yukon, the Aurora Borealis is not a mere light show.  It’s a celestial ballet with nature as the choreographer. The best time to catch this cosmic spectacle? Aim for late August to mid-April when the nights are dark and the lights are vivid. 

But wait, there’s more! Yukon is a treasure trove of adventures. Dog sledding under a starry sky, snowshoeing in the hush of the wilderness, or simply sipping hot cocoa in a cozy cabin.

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Getting to the viewing spots is an adventure in itself. Whether you’re driving down the Klondike Highway or joining a guided tour from Whitehorse, the journey is as mesmerizing as the destination. Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey – especially when that journey leads you to a sky ablaze with color!

Niagara Falls in Ontario

Niagara Falls in Ontario is not just a waterfall, but a jaw-dropping spectacle of nature! Imagine this. Over 2,800 cubic meters of water thundering down every second. It’s like nature’s own version of a blockbuster movie, with you in the front row. 

What’s the best time to visit these fun things to do in Canada, you ask? We have to go with summer for the full effect. Or, if you want a frosty fairy-tale scene, winter would be perfect. 

And when you’re in Ontario, there’s more than just the falls. You can hop on a boat tour to get up close to the falls. Or, you can take a stroll in the surrounding park for a quieter moment with nature. If you’re there with your family or partner, the quiet time will feel amazing! 

Getting to the falls is also a breeze, just a short drive from Toronto. Trust us, it’s a sight you won’t forget!

Whale Watching in British Columbia 

If you’re going for an unforgettable activities in Canada, it doesn’t get any better than Whale watching in British Columbia. Picture yourself on a boat in the vast Pacific, eyes scanning the horizon for a glimpse of a whale. 

The thrill of seeing these massive yet graceful creatures in their natural habitat is unparalleled. 

The best season to go? We recommend anytime between May to October. It’s because that’s when whales frequent these waters. From the bustling city of Vancouver to the serene islands dotting the coast, numerous launch points offer easy access to prime whale-watching spots. 

Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia

The Bay of Fundy straddles New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. You can let yourself go into the extraordinary natural phenomenon as part of these activities in Canada. Did you know that it’s the world’s highest tides? 

What to do at the Bay of Fundy, you ask? Imagine the ocean floor transforming into a vast, walkable landscape twice a day! As a visitor, you can explore this unique seascape and discover hidden coves and fascinating marine life as the tide recedes. 

The best times to experience this? From spring to fall, when the weather is pleasant. Besides tidal explorations, the area is great for kayaking, bird watching, and savoring fresh seafood. 

Easy to reach from nearby towns, the Bay of Fundy is a must-visit for an intriguing blend of adventure and tranquility.

Banff National Park in Alberta

To us, the Banff National Park in Alberta is a showcase of nature’s splendor. Here, the Rockies serve up postcard-perfect views with emerald lakes, rugged peaks, and verdant forests. 

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, it’s a haven for you. The location offers hiking trails, canoeing opportunities, and in winter, world-class skiing. 

A fan of wildlife sightings? Keep your eyes peeled for elk, deer, and if you’re lucky, a bear in the distance. The best time to visit is summer for hiking and winter for skiing. Accessible from Calgary, Banff is more than a park; it’s a natural playground waiting to be explored, promising both adventure and serenity.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, all the cool things in Canada! Whether it’s marveling at towering waterfalls, sharing a moment with a whale, or trekking through pristine wilderness, Canada’s calling your name. 

So pack your bags, grab your sense of wonder, and get ready to write your own story in this land of breathtaking beauty. Canada isn’t just a destination; it’s the start of stories you’ll tell for a lifetime.

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