8 Important Hair Care Tips For Travelers

The right haircut and hairstyle can make or break your image. That’s why hair care has become one of the integral parts of our everyday maintenance routine. Caring for your hair while traveling becomes a bit complicated, especially considering long flights, cramped hotel bathrooms, and lack of opportunity to carry plenty of products with you.

We would like to share a few important hair care tips to make you look your best no matter how long and far you are traveling.

1. Choose The Right Hairstyle

Complicated dos are a bad choice for traveling. They require too much time to maintain. When you are on the road, you have to stick to something simple. You may want to consider getting a short haircut before going to conquer the mountains. Or if you love your long mane, think about updos, braids, and anything else which keeps the hair looking neat regardless of the weather conditions.  

2. Pack Haircare Products And Accessories

Unless you have a buzz haircut, you need to carry certain hair care products with you. Does your hair product collection look heavy and bulky? Consider using travel bottles to carry only a small amount of each product with you or choose small bottles from the start. For example, some of the men’s hair products by Pureman can be easily packed in a travel bag.

Don’t forget to bring all types of scrunchies, elastics, hair clips, and scarfs.

3. Be Ready For Plan B

While traveling, many people suffer from bad hair days. It’s impossible to get out of the plane after a 10 hour flight with a perfect hairstyle. That’s why you should always have something to camouflage your airplane hair. Consider scarfs, caps, hats, and whatever else you can think of. This way your hair will keep looking beautiful until you get to the hotel.

4. Consider The Weather

If you are traveling to a place with a different climate, you need to think about your hair. Hair hates heat, so you need to take advantage of hair sun protection creams and try to cover your head as much as possible. If you are planning to spend your time in a humid climate, consider bringing hair gel to tame your locks. Try not to use too many hair products on your mane at once.

5. Think About The Water

Pools and saltwater wreak havoc on your hair. Unless you are ready to wear swimming caps, you have to take special care of your locks. Use leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from the water elements. Always wear your hair up when swimming and try not to soak your mane in the water.

If you are a big fan of diving, make sure you take extra care of your hair before wetting it. Spritzing leave-in conditioner mixed with water onto your locks is a good way out.

6. Avoid Using Free Stuff At The Hotels

Of course, it’s nice to find a bottle of shampoo in the hotel bathroom, especially when you are too tired to dig one out of your bag. However, the hotels usually offer the cheapest and the worst stuff in those pretty bottles.

Don’t be surprised if your hair turns into a rag after using a no-name shampoo. Leave it where it is and use your own.

7. Brush Your Hair Often

If you are climbing mountains and living in tents, brushing may be put on the backburner. However, even if you wear tight updos, you have to let your hair down occasionally and brush it. Tangled hair is more likely to be damaged.

8. Make Cornrows

Cornrows, box braids, Havana twists, yarn braids, etc. These African braids can help you forget about constant hair care while traveling. Of course, they still need to be washed and conditioned. But you’ll avoid a constant need to brush and style.


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