6 Romantic Proposal Destinations

A marriage proposal is an event both partners remember for the rest of their lives. It only takes a few seconds but generates the fondest memories. While bending a knee and offering a diamond ring in a beautiful box make up the classical approach, there are many ways you can diversify this amazing event.

Some people choose to add a little romance to the proposal and do it away from home. Proposing in one of the most romantic destinations in the world can make the event even more unforgettable. Meanwhile, the right setting can help the partner say “yes”.

We would like to share a few most romantic proposal destinations for you to choose from.

1. Paris, France

Everyone knows how romantic Paris is. If you decide to take your loved one to this city of romance, you are bound to find hundreds of spots to propose. When you are walking around Paris, the air is filled with love.

Maybe it’s a little hard to find a place without too many people around, but don’t give up. You don’t need to propose on top of the Eiffel tower. One of the cozy little cafes can do the trick.

2. NYC, New York, USA

While many people view NYC as a center for business deals, there is always a place for a romantic proposal in the city. The Bow Bridge at Central Park, the top of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and many more attractions are excellent for offering a ring to your loved one.

NYC has many excellent restaurants where you can place the ring inside the champagne glass and wait for her to say “yes” in a romantic setting.

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the island of romance. Beautiful white and blue houses with amazing views of the sea can put anyone in a romantic mood. The city of Oia can be a wonderful place to propose to your loved one. Narrow streets, tasty wine, and amazing weather are all you need to for an excellent proposal.

Santorini has many cozy places where the two of you can be alone. For example, you can book an exciting donkey ride around the island.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

This old European city is an amazing place to propose. It’s virtually filled with places to say “Will You Marry Me?” The city features a variety of narrow streets and cafes with tasty food. The quiet park of Strahov Monastery or the Charles Bridge at dawn are just the beginning.

The best way to propose in Prague is to get lost in the labyrinth of its streets. You are bound to find a quiet yet beautiful place to pop the question.

5. Venice, Italy

Can there be a more romantic place to propose than this beautiful city on water? Proposing on a gondola is one of the most wonderful ideas. If you do it under the Bridge of Sighs, it will definitely be a moment to remember.

Other wonderful places in Venice to propose are San Marco Square at night (there are too many people there during the day), top of San Giorgio tower, canal and sunset, and much more.

6. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado  

If your loved one is into hiking and trekking, you may have a good chance of hearing a “yes” when proposing in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is packed with breathtaking mountain peaks, each one of them can be perfect for a proposal.

If you want something less extreme, you can book a table at the famous Stanley Hotel restaurant.


The world has many romantic destinations to offer. Your loved one will definitely be grateful if you choose one of them for that special moment.


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