6 Fun Ideas on What to Do on a Trip to Malaysia

Malaysia is an exotic country, which combines numerous religions, customs, and cultures. This amazing diversity has made Malaysia a “must-visit” place for many tourists. Whether you are going there for the weekend or planning to devote a couple of weeks to explore this amazing country, you must be looking for some fun stuff to do.

Sightseeing in Malaysia can’t be boring. But if you are tired of exploring streets, churches, and buildings, you may want to try something extraordinary. Maybe you want to try your luck in the Malaysia lottery or go trekking in a wild park? We’ve come up with a list of fun stuff you are bound to appreciate.

1. Visit Batu Caves

Rather than exploring the streets of mysterious Malaysia, you can participate in the festival of Thaipusam. If you visit the country in January or February and feel like getting some exercise while immersing yourself in the local culture, this quest is for you.

Climb 272 steps into the Batu Caves to honor the ancient Hindu deity Murugan and his victory over a demon. Join the locals in saying thank you to their God and asking to keep them safe during the upcoming year. The towering 140-foot sculpture of Murugan is bound to make an impression.

2. Walk On The Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge represents a flight of the engineering thought, which created one of the best places for sightseeing on the planet. The bridge hangs about 2,000 feet over the sea level providing you a beautiful and breathtaking view of the Gunung Mat Chinchang Mountain.

The bridge took a while to build since large pieces of it had to be lifted to the mountain by helicopters. Walking along the bridge can be rather scary. It seems as if it’s just hanging in the sky.

In fact, the fear may not be unjustified. After working for a few years, the engineers had to close the bridge due to technical problems. However, they all seem to be fixed now.

3. Climb Gunung Mulu mountain To Visit A New World

Have you always wanted to get close to something alien? Malaysia is giving you a chance to have an out of this world experience. The sharp rocks on top of Gunung Mulu Mountain seem to be growing right out of the ground, creating an alien appearance.

If you are an experienced hiker, this trip can be truly exciting and very rewarding. However, if you have never climbed a hill before, don’t attempt to do it in Malaysia. Malaysian Army uses this mountain for grueling training.

The Pinnacles of Gunung Mulu are hidden in the mountains and remain untouched by humans.

4. Take The Last Chance To See Flashing Fireflies

Only certain species of fireflies can light up as one. You can find one of the remaining groups in Malaysia. Thousands of little creatures light up simultaneously and stay this way for a few minutes or even hours.

The best place to see this unique performance is Kampung Kuantan. However, the little beetles are gradually disappearing due to environmental pollution. So if you want to catch the last chance to see them, visit Kampung Kuantan. The rest of the places where you can enjoy the view are much less civilized.

5. Enjoy The Gastronomical Pleasure Land

If you love exotic food and like trying new and tasty stuff, you should definitely visit Jalan Alor, which used to be the red lights district in the past. Today, it’s the most authentic and vibrant Malaysian food street. Make sure you are hungry before you dive into the impressive variety of Malaysian, Chinese, and Thai foods.

Even if you aren’t ready for exotic meals, you can take advantage of numerous seafood dishes. You can even find your favorite barbecue wings here. Remember, most of the food stops open at about 5pm so you won’t get breakfast there but dinner is bound to be marvelous.

6. Take A Walk Down Old Georgetown

If you go to Penang, Georgetown is a must-see city. While the new town is not that impressive, the old city is fabulous. The beautiful colonial and traditional-style buildings will look truly amazing on photos.

Their different colors and structures will remind you of the good old times when Georgetown was one of the most important trading posts in South Asia. Want to experience a real taste of time? Hire a rickshaw to drive you around the city.


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