6 Best Destinations for Travel Photography

Travel photography is a wonderful hobby and a desired profession. A travel photography adventure can be breathtaking, mind-boggling, educational, satisfying, and downright fun.

There are only a couple of places in the world where another photographer hasn’t been already. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a new way to take pictures of the same attractions. You can take advantage of other photographers’ experience to catch the most beautiful moments in the most amazing corners of the universe.

We consulted with world class hair photographer Araman, who has made travel photography his hobby, and came up with the list of 6 best destinations for travel photography this year.

1. The Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)

Who hasn’t admired the beautiful views of Grand Canyon? Thankfully, this attraction is so huge, each new photographer has a chance to create a brand new view. The best part about the Grand Canyon is its utter beauty, which can hardly be ruined by the lack of skill or good equipment.

If you are a newbie photographer, just starting on your way to perfection, this is an ideal destination. For an experienced photographer, Grand Canyon poses an interesting challenge to find a new perspective.

2. Egyptian Pyramids (Cairo, Egypt)

The special feeling of ancient times can make your pictures beautiful and unique. The lack of colors is a certain challenge, but it can help you get creative. Each pyramid is a masterpiece, which allows a photographer to find a new way to capture it. The sphinx is a breathtaking attraction all on its own.

Experienced photographers can enjoy a task of capturing the scale of the pyramids while focusing on special details. Newbies can learn how to work with large objects, which offer a feeling of simplicity yet grandeur.

3. Venice (Italy)

No matter where you turn in this city, you’ll find an object for a good photograph. Old buildings, graceful canals, gondolas, cathedrals, narrow streets, and much more are waiting for photographers of all skill levels all year round. In Venice, you can enjoy the beauty regardless of the season.

Going down century-old steps to capture the house foundations covered with water is an amazing experience all on its own. If you try a little harder, you may even find a special place which no one has ever captured before.

4. Siena (Italy)

One of the oldest yet well-preserved cities in Europe, Siena has a rich history and beautiful buildings as well as scenery. Not many photographers have discovered Siena yet, so you have a wonderful chance to take unique pictures.

The spirit of old times which you can feel on the streets of this city is overwhelming. Trying to project this feeling onto a picture is complicated yet possible. Anyone who has a passion for photography can make beautiful and unusual photos at this destination.

5. Bruges (Belgium)

Lake full of swans, beautiful parks, old buildings, horses on the city streets, and much more is waiting for photographers in Bruges. The old city can conquer anyone’s heart with its fairytale-like streets. It’s a perfect destination for newbie photographers, who won’t need to work hard to find suitable views. The whole city is a model.

The value of Bruges as a place to make pictures is hard to underestimate. Hollywood movies have been filmed here. Why not make this cute town your next destination for travel photography?

6. The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

It could seem there isn’t anything original about taking photos of the Eiffel Tower anymore, yet the famous landmark attracts people like a magnet and catching a moment when there isn’t anyone around is tough. So why not take the challenge? Both experienced and amateur photographers can have a blast trying to get a new perspective on this renowned tourist attraction.


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