4 Best Destinations for Digital Nomads

If you consider yourself a digital nomad (i.e. remote worker or freelancer), you have a wide choice of places to live. When you are not tied to a certain location, your life can become much more interesting that for those who need to go to the office every day.

So if you are spending your work hours in front of a computer, why not spend evenings lying on the beach, rather than watching TV and staring at the computer monitor. Digital nomads are always searching for a nice place to settle. We asked several such nomads to share which destinations they would recommend to others.

Things To Look For

Before we give you our compilation list of destinations, let’s make a short outline of what to look for when searching for a perfect location.

  • Accessible high-speed internet – This is the first and the most important requirement. Many newbies make a mistake of looking for a far-off destination where they can enjoy solitude. Such places may not have a readily accessible Internet connection, making their work impossible.
  • Affordable living – Living in downtown Amsterdam may seem like a wonderful choice at first. However, the price you pay for rent will be unearthly. Instead, you may want to consider a quiet Dutch village, from which you can travel to the capital by train.
  • A digital nomad community – Many digital nomads prefer having others like them work in the vicinity. This can help them learn important things about the location and always have someone to turn to. Many IT workers and programmers choose the digital nomad way of life. Bedrock IT experts explain that IT industry nomads tend to appreciate a large community the most.

Among other, less substantial things to consider are:

  • Beautiful nature
  • Good healthcare system
  • Mild climate
  • Safety
  • Dating opportunities
  • Transportation options

Now let’s go through the list of excellent destination for worry-free digital nomads.

1. Bali (Indonesia)

This destination gets the best scores from many digital nomads all over the world. Bali is a beautiful island, which creates a feeling of holiday, celebration, and enjoyment. Bali has an excellent climate during the time when it’s winter in many parts of the world.

That’s why many digital nomads prefer to travel to Bali between March and June. The island has an excellent nomad community. In the 2010’s, the problem of the poor internet has been solved when Hubdub appeared.

Many people take advantage of all Bali benefits to combine working and vacationing during the cold time of the year.

2. Bangkok (Thailand)

Thailand cities are among the most preferred places for digital nomads. Bangkok is beautiful, exotic, yet civilized. The city has a large digital nomad community, a mild climate, and many interesting things to discover.

The downside is a large population, which may be a negative thing for someone looking for solitude. Living in Bangkok and other Thai cities is fairly cheap for American and European digital nomads.

3. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

You will see this city on top of the majority of digital nomads’ lists. The community of these people is truly huge here. Even though Chiang Mai is one of the largest Thai cities, it’s laid back, relaxed, and very attractive.

The internet is at its best. Wi-Fi hotspots are located all around the city. The speed is truly impressive. There are many ways to have fun in Chiang Mai, including biking and elephant riding. The climate is warm between October and February, making it an excellent place to spend your winter.

4. Split (Croatia)

For digital nomads who don’t prefer exotic countries Split is a wonderful destination. You can live by the Adriatic Sea and enjoy a mild climate in the summer. The internet connection is good. Inside the city, you can find some of the oldest Roman ruins and many other things to explore.

The food is tasty and the healthcare system is satisfactory. The downside of this location compared to the others is the cost. The monthly cost of living is about twice as high as in Thailand or Indonesia.

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